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Thank you for stopping by our website! Your here either because a friend or business professional told you about us, you got a postcard delivered to you or you saw us online.

Our credit repair services firm has been helping people improve their credit for over 13 years! We are not new to this process and we have many raving clients that are now are fans spreading the good news.

What good news? The good news is that there is no more waiting 7 to 10 years for your credit to improve! Yes! It’s true. We can speed up the process of removing negative items (data) from your credit report!

How? We challenge the credit reporting agencies on your behalf and by law if they cannot verify what is being reported, the CRA (credit reporting agencies have to delete, update or correct that unverifiable, incorrect, misleading, questionable information from your credit reports or they are in violation of federal LAW. We offer our credit repair services  locally in Los Angeles and across the United States!

The FCRA, (Fair Credit Reporting Act protects you from this happening to you. Over 80 percent of credit reports contain errors on them so it is wise to pull you credit reports at least every 6 months to make sure it is accurate. To get a copy of you FREE credit report just call or complete the form to your right and I will tell you where to go get it.

Not only can we remove unverifiable negative information, our trained credit experts will advise you on how you can re-build your credit. This is very important as well.

Advanced Credit ES/99 Credit Repair.com provides comprehensive credit improvement & correction services to meet the needs of individuals.

Unlike some credit repair firms, we’ve designed a program that adapts to each client’s specific needs for their unique situation. We incorporate all aspects of your credit situation, both positive and negative, to achieve our best results.

We are known throughout the industry for our dispue agressivmenss and customize with our credit repair services:

* Erroneous and false information removal or correction – (Included!)
* Consumer Credit Report Consulting – (Included!)
* Consumer Credit Score Consulting – (Included!)
* Personal Attention – not automated (Included!)
* Talk to A Live Credit Expert – (Included!)

Many other companies in our industry thrive on automation and electronic client correspondence. Our firm believes credit to be unique to each and every client thus our service department is here in person to answer your questions Mon-Sat 24-7.

This Complimentary consultation is included at zero cost to you when you enroll today. This has a real life value of over $197.00 so get in now since we do not know how long we can offer it as a BONUS since we could be charging well over $197.00. Thanks again for visiting our website and hope to talk and help you son!


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Here Is What You Get When You Enroll Today!

  • FREE 30 Minute Consultation (Value $197.00)

    You will talk to a live credit expert that will consult you on how you can get started and explain the process so that you are comfortable and understand how we operate and how you can benefit from our professional services.

  • Get a Identity Theft Kit (Value $Priceless)

    This comprehensive ID Theft Kit contains all the documents you or a family member would need if you became a victim of ID theft. In an emergency you will now be prepared to file with law enforcement and the correct agencies to help you stop the thief their tracks!

  • Unlimited Credit Repair-All 3 Credit Bureaus - EXP - TU - EQ

    Credit Repair MAX Results Plan Includes: Custom Drafted Document Dispute Cycle, ALL negative or incorrect unverifiable items will be included in this service. Nothing will be left out. (NOTE: Initially, If for some reason you Enroll without consultation & our Credit Experts feel we cannot help you because maybe you have very high debts and may be on the verge of Bankruptcy, we will let you know and you will get a 100% refund on your initial membership enrollment payment. We are ethical and honest professionals. We are here to help you. We are NOT here to take your money and disappear like those other guys! We DO NOT use the Automated Internet-Based, Spam, Boiler Plate Letter, Dispute Mill Approach 99.999% Other Companies Will Use With A Low Statistical Rate Of Success! We use the best and most effective proven methods for your success! You can count on that!

What Our Clients Have To Say...


I was so Excited...

"I took action & I have got my new scores & cannot be more happier with the results. What a relief. I almost paid off all my credit cards & found out just in time that doing this would have actually hurt instead of helped my credit scores. My score increase was over 186 points! This put me in the approval zone to move forward on some personal investing I wanted to do. I can’t wait to see next months results. Let’s keep it going! Thank’s Robert, there are so many jokers out there, but you are truly the “Real Deal”."

Mercedes Luna


A Service I Can Count On....

""Working with Robert and 99 Credit Repair has been amazing! I am happy. My clients are happy and the bottom line is their services work! I am all about performance and results, so if you are on the fence about getting started, don't hesitate one more second! Thanks guys for providing a service I can count on.""

Mike Bjorkman - Your Leader In Realestate


I Got My Dream Home!

"I was in escrow on a brand new KB home in Sylmar, California. I was close to closing escrow but my middle credit score had dropped just below qualifying. I had everything else verified except my score and the builder’s lender was going to pull again to make sure I still qualified for the loan. I was so stressed and could not sleep almost every night until I came across Robert’s website. So I Enrolled into this program and am glad I did. I closed Escrow and got my keys just about a month ago now. If you’re looking for a score boost & better credit, 99 Credit Repair is your best BET! Thanks for lowering the stress I had buying my first home. I owe it all to you and your team."

Noah Albiston


I Was Skeptical...

""I met Robert through a good friend of mine. I have to admit, at first I was really skeptical. The main reason was because I had already paid 2 other companies that took my money & did literally Nothing! I paid one company 5 Thousand Dollars & the other 2 Thousand dollars. I had quite a few bad items reporting on my credit & I needed help bad. So Robert showed me positive results that other clients had with his service & plans. He even showed me his very own credit report with I think 9 or 10 Inquiry deletions. So I took the leap of faith one more time and you know what…it really PAID OFF! I recommend 99 Credit Repair 100%""

Julie Benson


Your Service Rocks...

"I really did not think much about credit repair and how it could help my clients get their dream home at first. But after I sent Robert one of my clients and then within 30 days saw the 10 deletions!... I was super excited. This is how I build my book of business. As the Official Super Woman of Realestate I recommend Advanced Credit ES and Robert 100%. I will be sending all my clients here from now on. If you deal with clients with poor credit, send them here and they will improve it!"

Deanna Rivetti - Super Woman Of Realestate


We were short a few credit points...

""When I first heard of your service I was scared that it would not produce what you were claiming. I was wondering what this service can actually do to increase my credit score. Then I saw the money back guarantee and I couldn’t pass this opportunity up to get the home of my dreams. I had the chance to get buy a new home that we loved but we were short a few credit points to qualify for a home loan. So I was offered this service from my lender to help me increase my score and actually qualify to buy a home. I couldn’t pass this up. As I tried fixing my credit on my own and didn’t see results, I was just getting frustrated by all the time being lost. As I read more and more about 99 Credit Repair.com I decided to give it a chance since I had nothing to lose. I followed the few simple steps that were sent to me on a personalized service and 30 days later I could not believe it. My credit score had increased by 248 points! I was amazed at the outcome since the score was higher than what was planned for me. I would like to thank 99creditrepair.com for their service and making my dreams come true!! ""

Angel Hernandez -Happy Client

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